BSI Inspectorate Launch New Houston Technical Center

Press release: 12 March 2004

BSI Inspectorate, a leading independent inspection and analysis company, has opened a new Technical Center in Houston, Texas with the core focus on oil and petroleum inspection. The new 13,0002 feet facility will mean Inspectorate can better serve petroleum and petro-chemical based customers through upgraded facilities, more services and increased capabilities.

The laboratory will be officially opened on March 12, 2004. Operations will focus on expanding its traditional laboratory services into areas such as quality control, research and development, government compliance and oversight programmes. These services are in addition to its current inspection related activities. This will allow BSI Inspectorate to build on its present expertise, locations and customer base while helping additional customers, improving test results and enhancing customer service.

This new facility is located only minutes from the key Port of Houston and in close proximity to some of the world’s largest refining and petrochemical complexes. Because Houston is the worldwide headquarters of many international oil companies, this location ensures that customers will be in close proximity to the laboratory, resulting in improved sample turnaround times.

A one-stop source for customers’ testing needs including inspection

The benefits to BSI Inspectorate are clear. Neil Hopkins, managing director of BSI Inspectorate says: "It is imperative to have a state-of-the-art laboratory system, which will gain the customers’ confidence in our company, people, equipment, policies and analysis. This centrally located modern facility is equipped with the latest instrumentation and experienced personnel. The combination should allow BSI Inspectorate to provide improved data and lower detection limits, ensuring that our customers are able to meet or exceed the specifications required by increased commercial, legislative and environmental demands."

This announcement means BSI Inspectorate will be able to provide a one-stop source for its customers’ testing needs including inspection. Companies will benefit by maximizing their cash flow - only paying for tests when needed rather than maintaining expensive equipment. By providing services to many customers, the cost of state-of-the-art equipment and staff is more evenly distributed on a per test basis.

Ranzy Morgan III, BSI Inspectorate’s sales and marketing director for North America, comments: "The opening of this new lab is very timely. This facility is tangible evidence of the confidence BSI has shown in the strength of the North American market for testing and inspection services. This is an exciting time for everyone in the company and is a great opportunity for us to re-affirm our position as a market leader."