BSI Present Wood Group Engineering with PED CE Design Approval

Press release - 5 January 2004

BSI Present Wood Group Engineering with PED CE Design Approval - the first offshore project to comply with new Pressure Equipment Directive

The Wood Group designed platform for the BP Clair field in the North Sea has been awarded CE Marking certification to meet new European Legislation; the Pressure Equipment Directive (97/23/EC). BSI Product Services, which assessed the Wood Group Engineering's management of the platform design, manufacture and assembly of the complex pressure equipment installation, presented the award to project manager Charles Hancock (Thursday 18th November 2003).

The certification marks an important step within the final phase of the project, which aims to be a flagship for other platform constructions by proving that the Gulf of Mexico design and build philosophy can work in the North Sea.

Ensuring PED compliance for complex offshore applications

Richard Dobson of BSI Product Services says: "It's been a great challenge well met by Wood Group, who are showing why they are among the leaders in their field of engineering and compliance management for large and complex offshore applications. BSI as the Notified Body has ensured that compliance to the PED has been maintained, while permitting the equipment to be placed into service well within the project schedule.This certificate is a significant milestone and is the first of 14 such certificates for various assemblies of the installation specified.

"Our work has been extensive although done in the quickest time possible. We have conducted design reviews on site and in our central offices, surveillance of the assembly manufacture at several Wood Group sub contractors around the UK and the installation of the equipment at the erection site in Wallsend itself, prior to transfer to the offshore location."

Tony Swinney of Wood Group, says: "Best practice is a key element to the entire BP Clair project and with a total field development cost of £641 million we have been keen to carry out this high specification work in full and efficient compliance with all legislation and standards. BSI's Product Services division helps us with that qualification as our appointed notified body."

Terry Hughes, BP's Clair Project Manager, adds: "We are very pleased with how the project is progressing and this award reflects the challenging and innovative ethos which prevails throughout the Clair project".

Editors notes

  • The Clair field is located approximately 75kms west of The Shetland Isles in about 140 metres of water. It covers an area of 220 square kilometres.
  • The Clair field was discovered in 1977. Between then and 1990, 10 appraisal wells were drilled, followed by a further five appraisal wells between 1990 and 1995. A 3D seismic survey was also carried out during this period. A further two appraisal wells were drilled in 1997 and an extended well test conducted.
  • Clair Phase 1 Development focused on the Core, Graben and Horst reservoir areas which have estimated oil in place of approximately 1.75 billion barrels, of which, 250 million barrels can be recovered.
  • The platform jacket for Clair is located over an existing well. The jacket is a four legged single steel structure. Its height is approximately 165 metres. Both jacket and topsides are designed for fabrication, transportation and installation as single fully integrated lifts that require access to the heaviest lift capability vessels on the installation market.
  • It is planned to drill 15 producing wells, eight water injectors and one drill cuttings reinjection well.
  • Produced gas from the Clair project will not be routinely flared but either exported to the
  • Magnus Enhanced Oil Recovery western gas pipeline or reinjected into the reservoir through a well.
  • Produced water and drill cuttings resulting from the development, will be reinjected.
  • The Clair field covers five licence blocks - 206/7a; 206/12; 206/8; 206/13a; and 206/9. 
  • BP awarded a contract to Wood Group Engineering Ltd in September 2000 to carry out the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for the topsides, jacket and foundations of the Clair Platform. This was extended in 2001 to include Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support and Construction Management. Fundamental to the award was that the work be carried out by Mustang Engineering Inc (a Wood Group Company) in Houston to take advantage of the skid-based construction methodology developed for the Gulf of Mexico which was expected to bring considerable financial savings. Wood Group Engineering supported Mustang in areas peculiar to the North Sea, including legislative compliance, safety regime and environmental conditions.

About Wood Group

During the lifetime of the UK oil and gas industry, operating companies have progressively elected to outsource operations, maintenance and engineering support activities to responsible contracting organisations.

Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd is at the leading edge of this process. The company pioneered the concept of partnering with major oil & gas operating companies, providing what is probably the widest range of "life of field" services available in the industry.

Wood Group Engineering (North Sea) Ltd currently has long term business relationships with Amerada Hess, BG International, BP, Enterprise Oil, ExxonMobil, NAM, PDVSA, Shell Expro and Texaco.