BSI Management Systems Launches Associate Consultancy Scheme


19 September 03

 In response to growing concerns about the level of health and safety advice in the consultancy marketplace, BSI Management Systems has introduced the OHSAS 18002 Associate Consultancy Scheme.

With the 18002 Associate Consultancy scheme, BSI Management Systems aims to increase the number of high quality services available to clients wishing to implement the health and safety specification OHSAS 180001.

Wilson, Lee & Partners, Balkwell Limited, IMS Risk Solutions, B Pearce Quality & Safety and Leckie Consulting are currently signed up to the scheme. The total number of consultancy practises to be included in the scheme will be set at 15 for the first year. Consultants' initial and continued inclusion within the scheme is dependent on successfully meeting criteria devised by BSI Management Systems.

Says Tim Bush of BSI Management Systems: "The OHSAS 18002 Associate Consultant Scheme offers credible assistance to organisations looking to implement OHSAS 18001. The Scheme provides real business benefits to both participating consultants and end-user organisations. These include benchmarking opportunities for approved consultancies and assurance of progress for the end-user "

Associate Consultants have been trained by BSI Management Systems to effectively implement OHSAS 18001. BSI implementation methodology, which is only available to associate consultants, helps to ensure that the consultant is achieving their objectives.

Tim Bush adds: "OHSAS 18001 offers organisations an effective management system that can be used to manage H&S and ensure they are keeping up to date with ever evolving UK legislation."