Public Vote Of Confidence As BSI Kitemark Celebrates Centenary


13 August 2003

The BSI British Kitemark has won fresh approval from UK consumers in a new National Opinion Poll, adding to the celebrations for its 100th year anniversary.

The results show that 97% of the adult population believes that all companies in the UK should ensure their products meet top quality and safety standards* - something that the trusted BSI Kitemark has been providing for years.

The national poll also helps prove to manufacturers that a BSI Kitemark licence can provide that vital commercial edge, with research showing that given the choice 83% of consumers would opt for a product displaying the BSI Kitemark*. The current top five most commonly purchased products that have the BSI Kitemark are windows, condoms, bricks, smoke detectors and plugs.

The BSI Kitemark was originally introduced in 1903 to help standardise the tramway rails in Britain and has since gone on to become an essential mark for the concerned consumer seeking guaranteed approval on the product they are purchasing. Over 2,000 product licences have been awarded to date protecting the environment we live and work in. Products range from the expected smoke alarms, cooking appliances and radiators to the more unusual of children's pushchairs, riding helmets and condoms.

Looking to the future the BSI Kitemark is pushing to the forefront of technological developments helping to evolve new products with manufacturers and innovating as they go, guaranteeing its continuing necessity in our daily lives. Areas where products are currently being developed include protection from natural disasters such as flood defences.

"We are pleased to see the public continue to back our belief that the BSI Kitemark is just as relevant in the twenty-first century as it was when it started out one hundred years ago," says Anne Boyd, divisional director.

"The results of the poll show that the public recognises the BSI Kitemark as a mark that represents trust, integrity and confidence, something that will continue to be important in the ever more competitive consumer market. We will be using this vote of confidence to look forward to the next hundred years. We will be underpinning all future products and services that BSI awards the Kitemark licence for, to ensure the same unwavering high standards."

Consumers continue to have the power to demand safety and quality in the products they buy and with the continued confidence in the British BSI Kitemark it's easy for them to check whether a product makes the grade - just look for the BSI Kitemark logo on products, contact the customer careline on 01442 278607, email or ask your manufacturer directly.


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*NOP Omnibus conducted this survey between 10 -15 July 2003, with 997 adults aged 15 and over. Using a random location sample designed to nationally representative of all adults in Great Britain.

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