GCSEs in Applied Subjects Have a Big Future


28 August 2003

The BSI Group is supporting the GCSE qualification with the launch of a new online project for the Manufacturing and Engineering GCSEs. The project provides guidance to both pupils and teachers.

There are varying levels of expertise in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. With the support of the Government's Learning Skills Development Agency, BSI is helping to create a better understanding at an earlier age, while raising the bar on the levels of skill that can be expected from these industries.

The project emphasises the importance of British Standards in the design and manufacture of engineered products. Students carry out simplified versions of actual British Standards to test materials, or, when making products, to test the final product.

Liz Williams, Education and Communications Executive at BSI says: "We are helping to both widen and promote the relevance of GCSEs in applied subjects. The BSI is helping to raise awareness of skills that many 16 year olds have not been given the opportunity to explore until now."

There are eight case studies that students can choose from, including bicycles, alternative energy, scuba diving, buildings, bridges and tunnels, food packaging, surveillance, and theme parks and playgrounds. The BSI education website contains information to help pupils to follow design and make assignments for engineering and manufacturing, while providing teachers with the course specifications and guidance required to set assignments based on each case study.

Teachers and pupils who are interested can visit www.bsieducation.org [Decommisioned February 2016] to find out more.


For more information please contact:

Wilma Tulloch on +44 (0)20 8996 6330 OR
Marc Edney on +44 (0)20 8996 6330