Unique business programme to give Welsh businesses edge over competitors


15 January 2003

WDA awards British Standards Institution, Holistic Services Ltd, and Opus Health and Safety Ltd funding to deliver unique programme to Welsh businesses

The Welsh Development Agency has today announced a new programme, specifically designed for Welsh businesses, designed to help companies implement an integrated management system emphasising occupational health & safety. The WDA has awarded a contract to deliver the programme to a consortium involving the British Standards Institution, Holistic Services Ltd, and Opus Health and Safety Ltd.

In Wales last year 8188 work-related injuries were reported to the Health and Safety Executive and research by the Welsh Development Agency has indicated that Welsh industry is becoming increasingly more aware of the risks associated with poor health & safety management.

The new programme will not only fill a notable gap in provision of expert advice to Welsh business but, as the first of its kind in the UK, it will also give Welsh businesses the edge above their UK competitors.

The programme will have a direct financial impact on Welsh industry across all sectors. It has been designed to deliver cost effective benefits through integrated management and implementation of the health and safety standard OHSAS 18001. Good health and safety management can benefit firms by helping to:

  • safeguard jobs
  • reduce accidents & downtime
  • reduce the risk of potential litigation
  • demonstrate to insurers that firms have taken appropriate actions to reduce the possibility of future claims thereby helping to reduce the likelihood of future increases in insurance premiums
  • give access to new customers and partners who require suppliers to meet tender relevant criteria
  • thereby increasing overall profitability

Starting with a free review of the company's health and safety management any participating company will then be given an opportunity to participate in the overall programme which is supported by WDA funding.

Timothy Bush of BSI Management Systems commented: "UK industry is now becoming much more aware of the importance of good health and safety management to a companies bottom line. With this programme Welsh industry, with the WDA, is a leading example for UK businesses in general and will benefit from the advantage this gives them over the competition."

Rob Vaughan of the Welsh Development Agency added: "The WDA are looking forward to developing a long and successful relationship with everyone involved in the programme and are confident that this initiative will have a direct impact on the bottom line of Welsh companies".

Any business wishing to know more about the scheme or wanting to request an application should contact: Roger Derrick, Holistic Services, 01792 324 697 ims@holisticservicesltd.com


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