Sir David John in China to foster co-operation with the Chinese Standards


28 October 2003

Visit aims to continue exchange of information for future standards development

Beijing, China - 28th October 2003 - BSI Group Chairman Sir David John and David Lazenby, Director of British Standards are on an official visit to Beijing and Shanghai this week to cement a closer working relationship with Standards bodies and customers in China.

Standardization Administration of China

The two senior executives from BSI met up with Standardization Administration of China (SAC), China National Institute of Standardization (CNIS) and many other related organizations to discuss issues regarding standards development.

“BSI is not only committed to help promote best business practice in China and around the world, but also to learn from all the countries that we operate in," states Sir David John. Besides welcoming China delegations to its London office to understand the formation, creation and application of standards, BSI has also been active in China to secure knowledge as the country undergoes rapid transformation in its modernization path and to embrace WTO principles.

“The importance of standardisation to improve efficiency, facilitate trade and stimulate innovation cannot be overemphasized. The contribution of both SAC and BSI in the respective countries and through ISO is a reflection of this. Furthermore, our close relationship will also help facilitate trade and access to international markets through WTO," remarked David Lazenby.

International Standardization Organization

BSI and SAC are currently working together on the Council of the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to ensure the effectiveness of these organisations and that they are fully open to the influences of different national backgrounds.

In addition Sir David John and David Lazenby attended an award ceremony in which Minsheng Bank was awarded its ISO 9000 certification for its quality management system. More importantly, the two parties signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The agreement will help Minsheng Bank implement further quality management as well as introducing risk management, a common auditing process, information security management system (ISO17799) and a customer management system (BS8600) in all the areas of its operations. BSI is predominant in the banking and financial sector and is currently working with 6 out of the top 10 banks in China.

With the help and support of its senior management and the continued hard work of the Minsheng Bank staff, the Bank has successfully implemented ISO 9001:2000 - the Quality Management System Standard and achieved certification with BSI.

“The certification of ISO 9001 represents a new era in its development plan and BSI believes that Minsheng Bank will continue building on its success and will maintain its partnership with BSI to achieve further improvements into the future," remarks Sir David John.

Sir David John also reaffirms BSI's commitment to China. “BSI will continue to invest heavily in its people in China. To date we have opened dedicated offices in nine cities. We are privileged and honoured to be working with so many of China's leading companies."

About BSI Management Systems in China

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