Sony Corporation of America achieves environment award


April 22, 2002

Sony Corporation of America has achieved ISO 14001 International Environmental Management System standards certification through BSI.

The certification covers all 73 of Sony Corporation's non-manufacturing operations in North America, including those of Sony Corporation of America, Sony Music Entertainment Inc., Sony Pictures Entertainment, Sony of Canada Ltd., and Sony Electronics Inc. It also covers AIWA America.

"This certification is part of Sony's overall effort to preserve and enhance the environment, and protect the safety and health of our employees, customers and neighbors," said Mark Small, vice president for corporate environment, safety and health issues at Sony Electronics.

"Sony's commitment to environmental causes is impressive," said Bill Hoellrich, vice president of operations at BSI. "Sony has embraced and implemented the principles of ISO 14001, and we're confident they will seek continuous improvement in their environmental and worksite programs."

The environmental efforts of SCA companies include recycling, energy conservation, waste reduction, and health and safety, including fire and emergency preparedness. The company has also undertaken an internal education program to ensure that employees are aware of the steps that they can take to improve the environment.

Previously Sony had succeeded in earning ISO 14001 certification for all of its manufacturing sites worldwide. In addition, the company has achieved a reduction or recycling rate of greater than 95% at 17 sites, introduced products with lead-free solder and halogen-free printed wiring boards, and realized a reduction and replacement of packaging materials.