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Press release: 24 November 2002

BSI, the world's largest management-systems certification organisation, has established a hub management team in Hong Kong to develop its coverage in Asia and has already registered some of China's leading companies.

The President of BSI Management Systems Asia is Duncan Lilley, based at BSI Asia's regional headquarters in Hong Kong. Recently, BSI has opened offices in key Asian markets - namely Japan, Korea, Thailand and China - and has seen significant interest from the mainland, particularly from companies involved in international import and export. "Asian companies are taking quality control more seriously," says Duncan Lilley. China Eastern Airlines, Yulong Motors and Baosteel are among BSI's latest clients.

BSI began operations in Japan, Hong Kong and mainland China in 1991, through associate relationships. Since then, BSI has grown rapidly in Asia, and expanded its capability by establishing operations in Hong Kong, India, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and China.

This presence was further expanded in 2000 as BSI launched an Asia regional office in Hong Kong to co-ordinate and support our activities across the region. This development complements our capabilities in Asia while enforcing our global commitment to both local and multi-national companies.

BSI is now well placed to offer a local yet global capability for a unique range of assessment, certification and training services across a wide range of industry sectors to large and small businesses in Asia. All these facets are reflected in our capability in China, where we are focused on investing locally through the transfer of knowledge and skills to provide a level and integrity of service that will meet the ongoing development needs of China as a major industrial nation.

BSI is now ideally placed in China to offer the type of global and local service that businesses are demanding from us - the world's leading assessment registrar.

Certification and training services in the Greater China region are provided by BSI Pacific, which has a staff of around 100 people with offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shenzen, Guangzhou, Beijing and Shanghai, offering the full range of management systems assessments and training services. BSI Pacific's Shenzen office is situated on the Pearl River Delta region of China, just north of Hong Kong.

Shenzen city is designated as a Special Economic Zone, with four harbours, and thriving manufacturing industries. The Shenzen Special Zone Daily Building - where the new office is located - is the most prestigious business building in Shenzen and its location is going to be the new city centre.