BSI Americas


23 November 2002

Media Release -

BSI, the world's largest management-systems registration organisation, became the industry leader in North America in January 2002, when it acquired KPMG's ISO registration practice in North America.

BSI Inc is reinforcing this new phase in its development with an aggressive marketing drive focusing on specific regions and industries. BSI's American operation is the most established outside the UK, and has built an excellent reputation in North America since operations began in 1991. The company has registered some of America's leading companies, including Sony, Lockheed Martin and Hewlett Packard.

The President of BSI Inc is Bob Perry (pictured left). He is based at BSI Inc regional headquarters in Reston, Virginia.

Bob Perry says: "BSI has extensive coverage across all the United States as well as Mexico and Brazil, and covers an extensive spread of clients in terms of size and sectors.

"Supported by our training subsidiary CEEM, BSI Inc is ideally placed to offer the type of global and local service capability that our American clients are asking from us, the world's leading assessment registrar."

In addition to BSI Inc's headquarters in Reston, Virginia, the company has satellite offices in:
* Troy, Michigan
* Etobicoke (Toronto), Canada
* Vancouver, British Columbia