University of Texas gets information security award

Press release - January 12, 2000

The University of Texas at Dallas has gained a major information security award.

The award, BS 7799 registration - widely regarded as the ultimate industry benchmark in information security - was presented by BSI, the global product certification and quality assurance leader.

The University of Texas at Dallas administers information resources that are important state assets. Information Resources include all computer and telecommunications hardware, software, and networks owned, leased, or operated by the University of Texas System and the information stored in them. Some of these information assets require special protection. Some information is confidential and must be guarded against unauthorized disclosure. Other information is sensitive and must be protected from unauthorized modification. Some information is both confidential and sensitive. 

The registration covers all major aspects of managing information security. This includes everything from having a security policy, through things like physical, environmental and personnel security, operational and networking aspects of computer security, and access control, together with compliance with legal and other requirements.

BSI helps organisations get the most value from their management systems through registration to international standards by a process-driven auditing approach. In addition to registering firms to the information security standard, BSI registers organisations to standards covering the management of quality, environmental best practice, and occupational health and safety.