Institute of Directors

Achieve Resilience

Every organization faces different risks throughout their lifetime.  These range from minor threats to large crises that can threaten a company’s reputation and ultimately its business.  Risks common to organizations large or small can include company data that isn’t effectively protected, lack of business continuity planning or the impact of a health and safety incident.  This booklet explains how BSI helps organizations to anticipate and review potential risks that business both can and cannot influence in order to improve business resilience.

Achieve Excellence

To survive and prosper in today’s tough economy organizations need to increase profits and reduce costs. A quality management system such as ISO 9001 provides a best-practice framework to ensure company processes are at the best they can be and meet customers’ requirements.  This booklet shows how BSI can help you put the frameworks in place to ensure your business is fit for the future, as well as today.

Achieve Sustainability

Sustainability in all its guises has never been more important.  Businesses that embrace a sustainable approach not only reduce their consumption of resources but also improve their financial position, corporate reputation and staff morale.  Standards help businesses improve all sustainability aspects of their business from environmental management, energy management, corporate social responsibility, product carbon footprinting and many other areas.  This booklet highlights how BSI can help your business grow sustainably and gain the benefits of saving money, energy and the environment.