The Golden Rules of Governance

BSI partnered with Management Today to host a roundtable discussing the issue of governance and what does good governance mean in an age of transparency and ethical awareness. We asked industry executives and academics for their comments on an idea that embodies everything to do with business and is constantly evolving.

Some of the key areas of discussion covered include:

  • How a transparent world has affected the way we do business
  • It’s not just the financial performance but also the corporate performance
  • Culture and values are key to today’s organizational success
  • Importance of effective communication
  • Morality and ethics – how this has to be set and led from the top

Hear from business leaders on governance

Logo - Management Today We interviewed each participant of the roundtable to provide a programme of video footage that gives you the insight and view point from leading industry figures on what governance means; how governance has evolved; the future of governance; staying competitive in a high governance society; and business survival in a transparent world. If time is short, we have a short compilation of extracts from the videos.


BSI - Helping enable good governance

It is increasingly obvious that society’s expectations of organizational behaviours, and thus ‘governance’ are rising. BSI knows from experience that how an organization can demonstrate effective governance to its stakeholders will vary depending on the individual business. For many of our 72,000 clients they do this by adopting standards and being independently assessed against them. This external verification allows them to show they have implemented best practice at every level of their organization with confidence, helping build corporate reputation and trust.