Helping UK businesses tackle bribery

In July 2013, BSI and the City of London Police (CoLP) announced a series of training programmes to help organizations adhere to the Bribery Act and embed best practice. 

The introduction of the UK Bribery Act has been accompanied by a flurry of legal and commercial advice creating confusion amongst many small and medium-sized business enterprises as to their responsibilities and constraints under the Act and how it is being practically applied. With 25 individual cases of bribery currently being investigated by the City of London Police, in addition to investigations by other agencies, the training programmes will help UK businesses implement an effective anti-bribery management system and learn how to conduct an internal investigation of bribery.  Delegates will get a comprehensive understanding of the relevant policies, procedures and controls needed to provide a defence against the “failure of commercial organizations to prevent bribery” under the Act.

Manage bribery risk with BS 10500

BS 10500 is the recognized best practice standard for anti-bribery management. It provides organizations with a framework for an anti-bribery management system and makes sure that appropriate anti-bribery policies, procedures and controls are in place across your business and supply chain. And it provides a way to meet the requirements of legislation such as the UK Bribery Act.

Anti-Bribery training

The training series has 5 course offerings that follow a structure to help you:

  • familiarize yourself with the standard
  • learn how to implement an ABMS into an organization
  • check your ABMS conforms to the standard
  • learn how to audit or lead a team to conduct the auditing of the system

A course for individuals and teams who will deal with the operational and technical aspects of managing anti-bribery measures in your organization is also available.


Complementing the training programmes, our third-party certification to BS 10500 will be available from October 2013. With certification you can show your commitment to anti-bribery and demonstrate the effectiveness of your BS 10500 management system to control the risk of bribery and corruption. It can also help you win customer trust and new business opportunities, and show that you have ethical business practices.  

We can put together a customized package to help you manage the risk of bribery in your business.