Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

What is CPD?

At BSI Training, your continuing professional development or CPD is about us helping you to improve your professional skills and moving towards higher standards of professional practice. In other words, we want to help you learn how to become better at what you do so that you can go ahead and do it. CPD isn't a record, in fact, most activities can help you gain CPD e.g. by attending a conference, being mentored or by reading an article where you found useful information to apply to your work.

Why keep a CPD record?

The record of your CPD is your collection of how you've kept your professional skills relevant and up-to-date. By keeping a well maintained record, you'll gain confidence in your abilities and can demonstrate this to management which can lead to better opportunities in the workplace for you.

What are CPD points?

Where applicable, we list CPD points on our courses as we recognize that many of our customers need a benchmark to gauge CPD gained by attending a course. We use an industry standard measurement of 1 hour of learning as the equivalent of 1 BSI CPD point. This serves as a guideline so that you can understand the learning that you'll gain by attending and completing a course.

CPD learning is not only restricted to when you attend one of our courses. You will continue to gain CPD afterwards by putting what you have learnt into practice, however you will know and understand how best to define and measure this.