What is Entropy™ Software?

Improve your business with Entropy

It’s one thing achieving a standard, but it’s another to stay at that standard. Without constant improvement and attention, standards can easily slip. Entropy Software can help ensure you stay at compliance level – but it can do far more than that. Put simply, it gives you an organization-wide system for driving performance improvements.

Used at over 14,000 sites worldwide, organizations are using Entropy Software to improve their business performance as it delivers greater control, visibility, assurance and accountability while reducing risks, incidents and costs. Organizations using Entropy Software are making dramatic savings in time spent managing standards and specific business challenges across their organization.

What is Entropy Software?

Entropy Software is a system designed to help you manage quality, environmental, and health and safety standards, and supply chain compliance. Only Entropy Software offers an on-demand solution that meets the varied needs of everyone from small businesses to large, global organizations. Entropy Software provides your organization with a complete view that is shared across your organization in real time, so organizations can collaborate more effectively on issues that pose risk and focus on driving business performance.

The Entropy Software solution offers more features, powerful customization, easier integration, and the best end-user experience. And best of all, thanks to our on-demand model, it can all be deployed immediately around the globe, freeing you from traditional software and its hidden costs, high failure rates, unacceptable risks, and protracted implementations.

Entropy Software eliminates the need for paper forms, spreadsheets or inconsistent data from conflicting sites. Entropy Software is incredibly flexible – so rather than having to adjust your ways of working to a piece of software, it adjusts to you.

The features built within Entropy Software allow users to set objectives and targets, allocate responsibilities, share best practice across the organization, and deal with incidents. Automatic document control and instant access to all management reports means users can concentrate on analysis and decision-making rather than system maintenance, while the sharing of corporate-wide information increases the efficiency and quality of internal and external communication. All of this contributes to driving down costs and increasing efficiencies.

Three key modules

These can be used independently for specific business challenges, targeted issues, or integrated together for a complete management system solution.

  • Audit and compliance management
  • Knowledge management
  • Incident management

How Entropy Software helps our clients

Our clients who use Entropy Software save on average one day each week in maintaining standards. They also report:

  • 50% reduction in management systems implementation time
  • 90% experienced a positive compliance audit
  • 34% reduction in risk value.