SafetyMAP (Safety Management Achievement Program)

SafetyMAP (Safety Management Achievement Program) is an audit tool that provides the means to undertake an independent audit and review of an organization's health and safety management system.

SafetyMAP helps to establish safer working environments consistent with the requirements of health and safety legislation, that will protect people at work by eliminating, or better managing, health and safety hazards.

The audit criteria within SafetyMAP enable an organization to:

  • Measure the performance of its health and safety program   
  • Implement a cycle of continuous improvement   
  • Compare its health and safety performance system to a recognized benchmark
  • Gain recognition for the standards achieved by its management of health and safety

The audit criteria describes features one might observe in a robust health and safety management system. However an organization may not require all of these features to have an effective health and safety management system, in fact, it's components should be based on organizational needs, circumstances and risk exposure.

SafetyMAP Initial

SafetyMAP Initial Level is a term used for a specified 82 of the 125 SafetyMAP audit criteria. These criteria were chosen because they describe the building blocks of an effective, integrated health and safety management system that would be capable of meeting legislative requirements in most organizations.

SafetyMAP Advanced

SafetyMAP Advanced Level is the term used for all 125 SafetyMAP audit criteria (where applicable). Organizations operating at Advanced level have implemented a ‘best practice’ health and safety management system environment.