British Standards Online (BSOL) is a subscription tool that helps you to reduce costs, manage risk and drive new value creation. BSOL is the online standards database that makes using standards easier and more cost effective. Log in to access bibliographic, citation and full text of over 55,000, International adopted European and British standards from your desktop. 

Features and Benefits of BSOL

  • Information accessible directly from the desktop. Just browse, search and download the information
  • The most comprehensive collection maintained, stored and managed for you
  • 24/7 instant unlimited access
  • Access to draft standards
  • Flexible search fields to pinpoint the information you are looking for
  • Daily updating to ensure you are always using the current version of the standard
  • "My notifications" - email alert service
  • Easy to read results list and summary pages
  • Clear and improved quality images using PDF presentation
  • Annual subscription for easy budgeting
  • Highly flexible subscription options - subscribe to the full collection, choose from 55 subject-related modules or customize your collection