McDonald’s Supplier Program

Working for a world-famous brand like McDonald's has many benefits but it is vital that suppliers maintain the highest food safety standards. McDonald's has a proud history in Australia dating back to the opening of their first store in 1971.

Today, McDonald's has 970 restaurants around the country, with more than 100,000 employees serving customers every day. Its vision is to be the best quick service restaurant in the world. Supplying into such a large and successful organization, and meeting the rigorous food safety standards can be challenging for some suppliers, but that is where BSI can help. 

McDonalds operates the “Supplier Quality Management System” for approved suppliers. Each Supplier facility must annually verify SQMS compliance (announced and or unannounced audit) via a McDonald’s recognized 3rd party auditing company such as BSI.

If you are looking to supply products to McDonald's, we can audit against McDonald's own rigorous food safety standards and train your employees in what they need to know to meet McDonald's safety benchmarks. The McDonald's Supplier Program is built around international Standards for food safety. With its extensive experience, we are well placed to work with you, to help you to maintain McDonald's food safety excellence.

Why BSI?

BSI can offer accredited audits for all of the HARPS base schemes and we are one of three certification bodies accepted by all HARPS participating retailers.

BSI believes the world should be supplied safe, high-quality food. We offer a broad range of food safety certification and risk management services.

We’re a leading food safety and certification provider with extensive auditing capacity and the capability to conduct integrated audits for a wide range of food safety standards across the entire food and beverage supply chain – including GFSI-recognized standards.

Our service solution for food safety includes certification, training, assessment and supply chain software, providing you and your customers assurance and enabling you to manage risk more effectively.