Why Lifemark is necessary

The retirement living sector is set for significant growth, but with that growth comes an increased focus on the rights of older people to have a safe, affordable and high quality home, and a stress-free retirement.

Accreditation, including the establishment of retirement living industry standards, can positively influence the decision of older people to choose retirement villages purpose-built for their needs.

A strong, independent, robust and internationally recognised scheme will give more older people the peace of mind to choose retirement living.

In response, the Lifemark Village Scheme has been established, to enable retirement living providers to assure the quality of their accommodation against 26 Lifemark standards developed by industry.

Industry Benefits of the Lifemark Village Scheme

The Lifemark Village Scheme will:

  • Provide an independent check that retirement living communities are being operated in accordance with high service standards
  • Allow retirement village operators to systematically identify risks to their operation and reputation in the market, and to constructively manage those risks
  • Provide a tool to build village brand prestige and attract prospective residents, and to help differentiate accredited villages from non-accredited competitors
  • Promote continual improvement and ensure business processes are constantly being reviewed and refined to ensure effectiveness and efficiency
  • Assure current and potential retirement village residents about the quality management and services on offer in a retirement living community

The Lifemark Village Scheme is designed to ensure the industry can control its own destiny through self-regulation, avoiding reason or opportunity for governments to impose haphazard regulations that add to costs but don’t add to quality.