Allergen Management & VITAL Online

Understand how you can manage allergies in manufacturing and how you can use the VITAL tool to access the potential impact of allergen cross-contact and present allergen advice consistently.

This one-day training course will improve your understanding of allergen management. This course will provide delegates with the core understanding of the workings and uses of VITAL Online. Our experienced tutors will explore allergen management in-depth, with role-plays, workshops and practical exercises to ensure you go from beginner to expert.

This comprehensive overview will assist your organization in producing safe, quality food products that meet specifications and customer requirements.

Who should attend?

  • Any individual required to use the VITAL Online tool
  • Staff members from organizations involved in food manufacturing
  • Any individual who is looking to mitigate the risk of cross-contamination in their food processes

Learning objectives

  • Understand the requirements of allergen management
  • Learn about the purpose of the VITAL tool
  • Understand how to measure and identify risk within the manufacturing process
  • Improve your understanding of the legislative requirements of the VITAL tool
  • Gain an overview of labelling requirements

Course Benefits

  • Give your organisation the competitive edge globally through improved food safety standards
  • Maintain and improve your organization’s food safety protocols
  • Reduce and manage your business risk
  • Improve customer confidence
  • Improve your understanding of the risks associated with allergens

Next Steps

  • HACCP Requirements - Gain a deeper knowledge of the 7 HACCP principles, understand HACCP’s critical control processes and learn how to conduct a hazard analysis with this BSI recognized training course
  • Food Handling and Hygiene - Understand the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) involved in proper food hygiene and handling to reduce contamination and decrease the risk of illness
  • Good Manufacturing Practices - Learn about the common dangers associated with manufacturing and protect your production line against environmental contaminants