The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF)

The Civil Contractors Federation (CCF) has developed a code called the Civil Construction Management Code. This code is based on the Australian and International Standards for Quality, Safety and Environmental management systems, and has been customized to meet the needs of the civil construction industry. It offers companies the ability to demonstrate compliance to a recognized Code without the need to get full Certification to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and AS/NZS 4801.

The CCF Program has been recognized by a number of key stakeholders and purchasing bodies throughout Australia and New Zealand, like State Utilities (Water, Roads, Electricity etc) and local Governments who wish to have confidence in the supply chain.

The Program has been very successful in supporting many organizations (large and small) throughout Australia and New Zealand, which are involved in all aspects of civil construction including the construction of:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Land development
  • Water treatment and reticulation
  • Telecommunications infrastructure
  • Electricity distribution
  • Gas pipelines and dams

A small business version of the CCF has also been introduced, called SCIMS (Small Contractor Integrated Management System) which has been tailored to better meet the requirements and risk exposure of small organizations.

Benefits of CCF

Following a successful assessment, the CCF can endorse a contractor’s application for certification, knowing that the contractor has met rigorous criteria specifically relating to: the civil construction industry and the internationally based quality, safety and environmental management requirements.

Contractors certified under the CCF Program also have the confidence that the Code has been endorsed under a national accreditation Program managed by the Joint Accreditation System – Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ).

CCF has seen many of its members and non-members realize a significant return on their decision to invest in the development of management systems and certification. The benefits include the ability to tender for projects that are subject to strict selection criteria, as well as, providing confidence to the contractor that legal requirements relating to safety and environmental management have been met.

Why choose us?

We are one of the recognized organizations accredited to provide certification services to the CCF Civil Construction Management Code. Please note, however, that we do not offer any consulting or training in the program, hence providing true independence.

Our auditors in the field have specific construction experience and as part of our audits, we verify, that the work that’s being completed is in accordance to the requirements of your system and the Code. We also ensure that our Clients’ needs are met every time.

Clients wishing to be certified must first establish an integrated management system which can be purchased in its generic form via the CCF Kit, which is available from any of the local CCF offices. For further details visit the CCF Web site at: