Understanding Bribery and Effective Due Diligence

This two day course focuses on the operational and technical challenges faced in understanding bribery and effective due diligence.

By attending this course you will gain an understanding of the nature and impact of bribery, its harm, the risk it poses to organizations and the methods used to identify risk through an effective assessment.

Who should attend?

Those responsible for anti-bribery management, ethical behaviour, corporate governance, risk and compliance, management systems, anti-bribery measures, human resources, procurement and those managing/selecting business associates especially if operating in high risk bribery environments.

Suggested job roles include:

  • Senior officers and directors
  • Human resource managers
  • Internal legal team managers
  • Risk and compliance managers
  • Internal affairs and investigation team managers
  • Internal and external management systems auditors who are new to ABMS
  • Procurement managers
  • Private data and records administration team managers
  • Certification Auditors

Learning objectives

  • How to communicate the nature, scale and features of bribery
  • What methods are used by those involved in bribery and recognize motives and concealment
  • How to identify bribery indicators and spot red flags
  • How to assess the risk of bribery and critical touch points (CTP’s)
  • How to address unacceptable bribery risks
  • What is due diligence with regard to business associates
  • How to identify and respond to suspicions of bribery
  • What is required in a bribery investigation and subsequent corrective action
  • Demonstrate learning to a practical scenario

Course Benefits

  • Your company will develop familiarity understanding how bribery can occur within organizations and how to apply due diligence
  • Your business will be able to identify risk assessment methodologies for bribery
  • You organization will know what are effective controls for bribery critical touch points

What is included?

  • Course notes
  • Certificate on completing the course

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