Innovation Management System Implementation Training Course (PD CEN/TS 16555:2013)

Implementing Innovation is more than producing the next big idea - it involves the approach you implement the ideas by which makes it out of the gate, and how you shape the culture to sustain the creation of those ideas. Thus, innovation’s capability to modify strategy is critical.

Therefore, implementing such a management system would allow organizations to become more innovative and to achieve more success with their product, service, process, organizational design, and business model innovations.

Innovation management system implementation includes all activities that are required for generating innovations on a continuous basis, regardless of the organization’s size and it builds, amongst others.

This course will guide organizations to design, plan, implement and maintain a framework for systematic innovation management practices, based on Innovation Management System (IMS) standard.

The objective of this course is to provide delegates with the systematic approach to ensure effectiveness-the consistency based on TS 16555 standard.

The organizational Systematic IMS implementation will ensure its structure, completeness in accordance with standards rather than individual practices. 

Who should attend?

  • Staff tasked with the implementation of innovation.
  • Excellence Managers
  • HR managers
  • Talent Management 

What will I learn?

Have the knowledge to:
  • Identify the benefits and objectives in relation to implementing an effective Innovation Management  framework
  • Explain management systems
  • Interpret key concepts and requirements of PD16555:2013 from an implementation perspective
  • Recognize a typical frameworks for implementing PD 16555:2013

Have the skills to :

  • Implement key concepts of Innovation Management
  • Implement key requirements of PD 16555:2013
  • Implement an Innovation Management framework

How will I benefit?

Both the objective and result of the course will be to assist the understanding of innovation management based on a systematic approach under the expert tutelage and guidance of a BSI tutor. Take the knowledge and skills imparted during this exercise and use them to improve and protect your business.

What is included?

  • Training course notes
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments