Risk mapping

BSI’s 25 separate proprietary risk ratings are conveniently displayed for each country in the world through global risk mapping views. For each proprietary indicator, a country is assigned a rating of Low, Guarded, Elevated, High, or Severe. This rating system allows users to quickly identify and categorize the threats to their supply chain and address them quickly. These ratings correspond to BSI’s assessment of every aspect of the supply chain, including threats such as; human rights, environmental, cargo theft, corruption, smuggling, natural and man-made disasters, and and food fraud and safety.

Risk Indicators 
risk indicator chart 

BSI’s risk mapping is used as the standard benchmark for many international government and corporate programs to quickly determine appropriate policies and procedures to implement to ensure the security, continuity and safety of their supply chain operations. Supplier vetting, assessment frequency and criteria establishment and overall risk management programs are built around BSI’s supply chain risk data.