Mapping, dashboarding and analytics

SCM provides a wide range of analytics to fit your company’s needs. SCM’s dashboards provide you with a macro and micro view of your corporate and supplier risk and compliance levels. SCM’s main dashboard allows you to review your organization’s KPI’s, Risk Indexing (RI), and compliance metrics to help you identify and mitigate corporate and supplier risk and compliance issues.

SCM’s Mapping feature provides you with a complete overview of your corporate and suppliers’ geographic locations, and risk ratings based on the selected risk indicator filter. SCM’s multiple risk filters, allow corporations to rank order risk and provide transparency to the C-Suite of top supply chain and operational threats.  

SCM will generate a robust report to reflect the supplier or corporate business profile, geographic and unique risk rating, and the completed assessment along with any uploaded attachments.  Historical compliance and risk reports are stored within SCM indefinitely, allowing you to continuously track and monitor your supplier and corporate assessments and audits, and CAPA results.