SCREEN stands for Supply Chain Risk Exposure Evaluation Network. To you, it crucially stands for business continuity and risk mitigation. This online application helps you identifying and understand your supply-chain. With the ability to create and sustain a global risk-based supply chain management program.

It gives you accessible, real-time trade interruption updates and news feeds on supply chain disruption incidents worldwide. You will also have exclusive access to special BSI reports on major disruption incidents, countermeasure programmes and risk mitigation best practices, as well as access to specific country information with downloads that focus on security issues, business continuity, environmental issues, and social responsibility concerns.


With SCREEN you will: 

  • Tailor reports based on proprietary risk analysis
  • Receive daily intelligence updates straight to your inbox
  • View risk based intelligence at a glance so that you can mitigate risk and ensure business continuity.
  • See country risk ratings instantly through detailed risk maps


Next steps

Find out more about how a single intelligence repository will give you high-level country risk views in an instant.