BSI Kitemark™ Vehicle Damage Repair News February 2013

New pricing structure in Q2 2013 to help reduce costs

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients who have the BSI Kitemark™ for Vehicle Damage Repair, we kicked off a review of our pricing structure at the end 2012, confirming a price freeze for 2013. 

Q2 2013 takes our commitment even further, with the launch of a new pricing structure which recognizes multiple sites who adopt the same management process. Available to existing and new clients, the new variable pricing structure will be triggered by volume thresholds and is designed to reflect an overall cost saving for larger organizations. Full details of the changes will follow shortly.

Recognition for consistent compliance 

We are also aware and in support of many of our clients who consistently meet the requirements of the Kitemark™ scheme through continued compliance in their ongoing assessment visits.
In order to recognize and support this achievement, this quarter will also see the introduction of a scheme designed to help reduce costs for those organizations who are consistently compliant, using extended audit periods.  Further details will be shared in due course.

Both of these pricing initiatives are underpinned by our increased marketing activity to support both the scheme and our clients to increase consumer awareness and engagement, bringing the Kitemark™ to the full visibility of all stakeholders to the benefit of all Kitemark™ certified body shops.

Our recent surveys which have been independently validated by some insurance companies and retail organizations tell us that the Kitemark™ maintains its premier position for trust, confidence, safety and reliability in the minds of a broad range of end consumers, especially 17 to 25 year old.

Get the most out of your efforts to be certified by the market leader for certification in the UK by updating your marketing collateral with the assistance of BSI and reap the benefits of the Kitemark™ Superbrand whilst at the same time benefiting financially from the new processes being launched.

New clients join the Kitemark™ scheme

We’re delighted to welcome on board our new clients for the scheme who have joined us in recent months. We know that our clients have worked hard to achieve the Kitemark™. NOT APPLICABLE Congratulations to all who have proved that their vehicle damage repair process have achieved the best in class Kitemark™ license.

  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 589641 Stoneacre Group - York
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 535670 T. Gillibrand (Blackburn) Limited
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 583036 Wight Motors Ltd
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 591827 GVS Bodyshops Ltd
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 581178 Sneaton Lane Body Repairs
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 591980 H&L Motors Heathrow Ltd
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 582039 William A Lewis Cars Ltd
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 592541 L A Coachworks
  • NOT APPLICABLE KM 593368 Libra Coachworks Limited

NOT APPLICABLE See the full directory of clients who have achieved the Kitemark™ for Vehicle Damage Repair.

NOT APPLICABLE If you are interested in some free promotion by providing us with a statement highlighting why you joined the scheme, or working with us to produce a case study, please email and we’ll get in touch.

Get involved: Help drive consumer awareness for your scheme

What trends have you noticed over the past year in the types of repairs your business undertakes?

We'd really value your input to help us get under the skin of vehicle repairs by taking part in a two minute survey. 

This spotlight on vehicle repairs will add invaluable insight to help our continued efforts to push consumer awareness of the scheme, including our next press release to promote the scheme to the motorist.

Take the survey

Is your website included in your listing?

We’ve noticed that not all our clients who are listed on have their website details included. 

We’re investing in paid search to help have more prominence for consumers when they search online. To make it even easier for them to find you once they reach the site, please email us your website address so we can include these details too. Plus we can display photographs of your business, see the specification below:

  • Image (300px x 250px) (JPG or GIF)
  • Max file size 1.5 MB.
  • Transparent .gif not supported

(You can supply multiple images) 

Please check your opening times are included too.

Send your web address, photos, details and Kitemark License number to

Are you ready for Hybrid and Battery Electric vehicles?

More than 20,000 vehicles that incorporate a High Voltage battery were sold in the UK last year. These vehicles currently operate at voltages of up to 650 volts, with the potential to increase to even higher levels in the future.

Are your staff currently aware of the safe and proper working practices associated with repairing and working on these vehicles, and do you have the correct PPE and equipment?

As part of the PAS 125 requirements you are required to “assess the current competency of your staff in the repair tasks being undertaken including any evidence required”.

Lesley Upham, Commercial Director at Thatcham, the insurer funded automotive  research center comments “Currently, there are over 8 different technological approaches from various vehicle manufacturers available to UK consumers, a further 10 different High Voltage systems are expected to be released over the next 12 months. These vehicles will not challenge the repair community as long as they follow the processes defined in PAS 125 and ensure they have competent technicians with access to the correct repair information alerting them to the different handling features and safety requirements to deliver an efficient, safe, and quality repair.”

If you are repairing these types of vehicles you will need to assess your staff awareness and competency levels. Competency would include making sure they understand how to make these vehicles safe both before work begins and whilst repairs are being made.

Success story

We’re always keen to hear from our clients on how the Kitemark™ has made a difference to their business.

If you are interested in working with us to produce a case study, please get in touch. Alternatively, if you wish to provide us with any good news comments for the dedicated BSI Kitemark twitter account, please let us know. It could be positive feedback that you have received from a customer (with their permission), or a good news message about recent achievements your business has made.

Simply email with your suggestions.

Promote your Kitemark™ achievement

Kitemark Vehicle Damage Repair

Don’t forget the new logo is available for you on the website justforcustomers. In order to differentiate your business from other body shops and vehicle repairers out there in the marketplace, make sure that you highlight your Kitemark™ achievement for that extra mark of trust and quality. 

Need help downloading the logo?

If you need help logging in to Just for Customers, please call +44 845 080 9000 and choose option 3 for customer services.

Download it now from Just for Customers

Publicity toolkits on their way

We’ve recently undertaken some consumer research to really understand the different ways in which motorists search for a body shop or mobile repairer. These findings have helped to shape our publicity toolkit, which we’ve been busy working on behind the scenes. 

This kit will be sent to all clients on the scheme for Vehicle Damage Repair, to help promote their Kitemark™ achievement and reinforce the message around quality and trust which the Kitemark™ symbolizes to the consumer.

Designed to help you really push the message out to your customers about your Kitemark™ achievement, look out for your kit in the coming weeks. It will include photography, templates and consumer messaging ready for you to use.

Our grateful thanks go to Tim Clarke and Howard Basford, Birkenhead, for the kind use of their body shop in the production of photography.