Incident response services

Our incident response services can equip you with the necessary skills to proactively take action or reactively respond in the event of a data breach.

We work with you to plan and implement policies and procedures, imparting the knowledge and skills needed to respond instantly to a data breach.

Planning proactively and reacting quickly are necessary to minimize business impact.

Proactive response

We plan and implement disaster and incident dry-runs to give you the assurance that your systems work. Implementing a robust incident response programme means you have the ability to quickly react to a security incident, limiting the amount of damage an incident may have.

Not every incident is going to be the same and therefore incident responders must have the ability to react to different situations.

We leverage the SANS, NIST and ISO/IEC 27001 based methodologies to consistently and effectively implement information security incident response programmes.

When implementing an incident response plan in an organization, our tailored approach ensures that:

  • Staff are trained on how to respond to a security incident in a methodical manner using a defined framework
  • Roles and responsibilities are allocated and defined
  • Incident scenarios are drilled and the response is effective
  • Legal, regulatory and contractual obligations for incident response and notifications are defined and documented

Reactive response

In addition to developing an Incident Response policy in an organization, we can also provide real-time first responder services to support you in the midst of an attack.

We provide dedicated incident response advisory services backed by a specialist team of IT security experts and information governance consultants. Having a predefined incident response relationship means our team of responders can act quickly, reducing the duration and impact of the breach.

Our methodology for incident response provides a systematic and structured approach to respond to a security incident. This ensures first and foremost that the breach is contained and business operations are returned to normal as soon as possible, while compliance obligations are maintained and impacts of the breach are fully understood.