CCA Global Standard® for contact center management

CCA Global Standard® for contact center management

Maintain quality processes in contact centers

Maintain quality processes in contact centers

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CCA Global Standard® for contact center management

Your customer contact center is the first port of call for your customers. That’s why it should set the highest standard of service right from the start. And we can help you to achieve the CCA Global Standard® that will make sure your customer service is exceptional, whatever you do and wherever your contact center is located.

What is the CCA Global Standard®?

The CCA Global Standard® was created by the Customer Contact Association (CCA), the UK’s professional body for contact centers. The standard outlines a framework for best practice to improve performance, efficiency and customer service in contact centers predominantly in the UK but is also used in contact centers all over the world.

What are the benefits of contact center management?

  • Improve policies and processes to achieve best practice
  • Cut operational costs through better financial and continuity planning
  • Improve communication to create a better working environment
  • Identify opportunities for staff training and career development
  • Better performance can build credibility as a reliable service provider 


Implementing contact center management

We work with the CCA to make the implementation and certification process simple.  Before you can begin preparing for your application, you will need a copy of the CCA Global Standard®. This can be obtained from the CCA. It is free to CCA members and part of the initial membership pack. You should then get in contact with us to tell us what you need so that we can sort out the best service for you.  You will then complete a CCA application form and send it to them.  Once they receive this, they will send the application to us and we will contact you with a detailed proposal of costs and time involved in a formal assessment. We will also assign you a client manager who will act as your main point of contact throughout – getting to know your business and guiding you through the process. 

How to get certified to CCA Global Standard®

The standard is owned by CCA, but we carry out the assessment and certification on their behalf. That means we apply our knowledge and experience to help you get the best for your business from CCA certification.  First you complete an application form via CCA; then we appoint a client manager to guide you through the following steps.

  1. Gap analysis
    This is an optional service where we take a closer look at your existing management system processes and compare them with CCA Global Standard® requirements. We then identify areas that need more work before we carry out the next step.

  2. Formal assessment
    This can happen in two stages. First we review how prepared the contact center is for assessment against the CCA Global Standard®. For multi-sited clients this assessment would be used to plan how the next stage is delivered across all sites. The next stage is to assess how the contact center meets the requirements of CCA Global Standard®. The contact center can opt to carry out the formal assessment in one stage.

  3. Certification and beyond
    On successful completion of assessment we will make a recommendation for certification to the CCA. When approved, you will receive a plaque in recognition of your achievement –and a positive signal to your staff and customers. Your contact center will be assessed annually to assist identification of continuous improvement and ensure adherence to CCA Global Standard® requirements.

Integrate your systems

CCA Global Standard® will stand alone as a single management system in your business. It can also be integrated with other management systems that share similar requirements – such as ISO 9001 Quality Management or the ISO 10002 standard for managing complaints and customer satisfaction. You may find that you can use your CCA Global Standard® knowledge to develop ISO 9001 or ISO 10002 within your business or vice versa – and integrating those systems with common requirements can allow you to combine and streamline the way you manage and deliver common processes. You can also try using the PAS 99 framework to integrate systems to boost all-round performance. 

Contact Center Management for SMEs

The customer service that small companies provide has just as big an impact as that delivered by larger businesses. And smaller contact centers play just as big a role in setting the standard and meeting expectations. The CCA Global Standard® can be applied to all businesses, regardless of size. We understand that you may have tighter budgets and less time, that’s why we work with you to overcome any obstacles you may face. And we won’t let your size prevent you from building your own CCA management system.

Why choose BSI?

We pioneered standards more than 100 years ago and today we’re the market leader. We help over 65,000 organizations ranging from top global brands to small ambitious businesses in 150 countries to gain an edge over their competitors. As one of the few organizations that understands standards from start to finish, we don’t only assess how well you’re meeting the standards, but also we create new standards from scratch and train teams globally to use them and perform better. Our knowledge can transform your organization.