Chain of Custody; Transparency and Traceability for the Food Supply Chain Training Course

There’s an increasing market demand for transparency of the materials used in food products to facilitate informed consumer choices and manage the reputational risk to organizations. This is achieved through generic and specific chain of custody models, and their respective traceability requirements to tell your supply chain ‘story’ and assure the integrity of claims to protect your brand reputation.

This course details the motivation and inherent challenges to achieve a chain of custody system across a global supply chain with varying levels of traceability: Specific insight will be gained across, assurance schemes and the intent of PAS 7000:2014 is referenced as an alternate model for supply chain traceability to substantiate product claims.

A wide variety of food industry assurance schemes will be explored to build a comprehensive knowledge of industry tools to certify claims for source of origin, production methods, sustainability/ethical sourcing, dietary, product quality and authenticity.


Through references to current product and industry examples, you’ll develop practical skills and confidence to authenticate product claims and select the most appropriate chain of custody scheme or traceability model for your product and supply chain.

Who should attend?

The course is aimed at anyone involved in product claims and supply chain management. This course is especially relevant for procurement and purchasing, new product development, technical/quality, marketing, logistics, agents, brokers and anyone involved in organizational risk management.  

It’s recommended that you have knowledge of the global food supply chain and a good understanding of their organizations processes and product claims.

What will I learn?

You’ll be able to:

  • Define concepts for supply chain, transparency, traceability, chain of custody and source of origin   
  • Describe the chain of custody process to inform supply chain relationships to identify: ‘Who are they, where are they, and can they be relied upon?’
  • Identify different tools and methods of verification to authenticate specific product claims
  • Explain the intent of PAS 7000:2014 Supply Chain Risk Management and the specific requirements for Module A2 - Supply Chain Traceability for buyers and suppliers

You’ll have the skills to:

  • Apply the concept of chain of custody
  • Source information to inform supply chain traceability
  • Document information to substantiate and verify claims relating to source of origin, production methods, sustainability/ethical sourcing, dietary, product quality and authenticity
  • Execute a supply chain risk assessment

How will I benefit?

The application of chain of custody systems will be detailed, providing food and supply chain industry professionals with the essential knowledge and skills to authenticate and substantiate specific product attributes.

This course will help you:

  • Advance product assurance processes in your organization to differentiate your products, gain trust in claims and secure product premiums for origin, production methods, sustainability, ethical, social, quality/purity, authenticity or other special dietary attributes
  • Engage in a proactive process to de-risk brand exposure and mitigate the threat of counterfeiting
  • Develop practical skills and confidence to authenticate product claims

What's included?

On completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate. 

Course resources

Course guide (PDF)

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