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About Cybersecurity and Information Resilience

To build our expertise in the information security field, BSI acquired Espion, an Irish cybersecurity and information resilience business who have experience with private sector organizations, including global contracts. This was shortly followed by the acquisition of Info Assure, a UK based information security business, experienced at working with government tenders. Together with our existing consultancy team, they now form our new professional service division, Cybersecurity and Information Resilience.


BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience is a centre of excellence for managing and securing corporate information.  We provide expertise to clients on the identification, protection, compliance and management of their information assets through a combination of consultancy, technology solutions, research and training. 

We aim to help clients achieve information resilience - an environment where infrastructure is protected and secure, regulatory and compliance obligations are met, people are safe and reputation and trust is maintained. 


Our credentials are enhanced by internationally recognized accreditations, including CREST, Cyber Essentials, and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard Qualified Security Assessor.  


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