How well managed is your supply chain?

Many businesses have extensive and often complex supply chains that rely on a network of suppliers. Having your company aligned to one of these suppliers, or having your reputation damaged due to unforeseen circumstances, is not a risk worth taking. That’s why it’s imperative to quantify supply chain risk for your team globally, so you can trade with confidence, mitigate risk and build lasting resilience.

We offer a sophisticated range of supply chain risk management solutions and services. Our network of supply chain risk experts and auditors can help you identify, mitigate and evaluate your overall supply chain and individual supplier risks. The combination of our supply chain intelligence infused tools and global network of risk assessment professionals helps organization protect their brand while mitigating risk and improving overall compliance.

At the heart of BSI Supply Chain Solutions is our exclusive and unrivaled ability to model supply chain risks. We have pioneered the most comprehensive and user-focused supply chain risk analysis solutions available today. 


SCREEN is the most complete, publically available Supply Chain Security, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Business Continuity intelligence and analysis resource used to measure country level risk factors through BSI’s 20+ proprietary country level supply chain risk ratings.

Supplier Compliance Manager (SCM)

SCM is BSI’s web-based risk and audit analysis solution that links BSI’s supply chain intelligence with your global corporate and supplier operations to quantify and track compliance and risk to help manage your supply chain security, social responsibility and business continuity programs.


Utilize BSI’s global network of assessment professionals to go on-site and evaluate your corporate and suppliers operations. Gain complete insight into your global operations to ensure your supply chain, brand and reputation are protected. 

Advisory Services

Take your risk management program from good to excellent by working with BSI’s expert risk management advisors. Our advisors will work with you to develop or enhance your supply chain security, social responsibility, business continuity and auditing programs to proactively identify and mitigate global supply chain and supplier risks.