BSI British Standards develops standards and standardization solutions to meet the needs of business and society. BSI British Standards is recognised by the UK Government as the National Standards Body (NSB) for the UK and we develop, publish and market standards and related information products.

Standards are codes of best practice that improve safety, efficiency, interoperability and facilitate trade. They cover every area of life from technical guidelines for production processes in a diverse range of industries to specifications for 'making things happen' – such as in the service sector and in systems for the management of e.g. CCTV systems, customer loyalty and even skateparks.

Standards and schemes for certification

Standards and Publications

BSI British Standards publishes more than just standards. In addition, we publish a wide range of business-related books, CD-ROMs and electronic products explaining and interpreting business issues and standards, written by qualified experts. BSI British Standards' Publishing team of technical specialists research, compile, write and work with national and international experts in the field to ensure that the information provided in BSI British Standards books and guides and subscriptions has been validated, verified and is correct at the time of publication

BSI India is offering over 30,000 standards which are EN, BS, ISO and PAS standards which you can now buy locally in India in, India Rupees. If you are in need of any standard(s) details, kindly mail us to or .