ISO/TS 16949 Automotive Quality Management

This is the global technical specification and quality management standard for the automotive industry. It brings together standards from across Europe and the US. ISO/TS 16949 outlines everything you need to know about achieving best practice when designing, developing, manufacturing, installing or servicing automotive products.

Where are you on the ISO/TS 16949 journey?

Whether you’re new to ISO/TS 16949 or looking to take your expertise further, we have the right resources and services. We offer packages that can be customized to your business to jumpstart your quality management – cutting the cost of services you don’t need. A package of ISO/TS 16949 products and services can be designed to remove the complexity of getting you where you want to be, whatever your starting point.

What are the benefits?

  • Gain your licence to trade internationally and expand your business
  • Improve processes to reduce waste and prevent defects
  • Remove the need for multiples certificates for vehicle manufacturing
  • Integrate ISO/TS 16949 with other management systems
  • Demonstrate compliance to win new business and investment prospects

Associate Consultant Programme

Get the additional support and advice you need to become certified with our Associate Consultant Programme. We can connect you with over 100 India members who offer specialist consultancy services independent of BSI. 

Popular ISO/TS 16949 Training course

We offer a range of Automotive ISO/TS 16949 training courses designed to help you achieve one of the most widely recognised quality management systems worldwide – growing your market share and giving employees clearly defined roles and responsibilities.

ISO/TS 16949 Internal Auditor training course


2 days classroom based training

    BSI Group India conducts a comprehensive two-day training programme delivered by faculty with extensive automotive background and time-tested auditing skills. This programme is designed so that ISO/TS 16949:2009 internal auditor(s) thoroughly understand their role and acquire the learning needed to perform effective audits in their respective organizations.

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