ISO 31000 Risk Management training courses

If you manage your risk then you manage your success. Find out how protecting your business on a daily basis brings big benefits.

We have worked in more than 50 countries to deliver technical assistance projects which support their quality infrastructure systems and help them to compete and trade in global markets. 


Risk Management training

Business Risk Assessment Workshop - BRISK


1 day in-company based workshop

    Business Risk Assessment is a simple, systematic and effective tool to identify risks to the business at the given moment of time. It must be appreciated that the business risk itself undergoes changes and the risks increase or decrease.
    Thus for a company to have a clear understanding of its own position, and to create a management system to either reduce the risk or control it adequately, a formal analysis is essential. A second benefit of the business risk assessment would be the input available regarding the risk, to prepare a strategic plan for the organization.

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