The BSI Guide to Standardization

BS 0 (PDF) is the standard that governs the way BSI produces standards and is supplemented by The BSI Guide to Standardization. The Guide comes in several sections and is designed to give practical information to members of BSI's technical committees about standards and how we make them.

The BSI Guide to Standardization

Other useful resources

Guides for standards developers

There are a number of free guidance documents published by the international and European standards bodies to help standards developers take account of particular topics in their work. Many of these can also be helpful to others, such as manufacturers, designers, service providers and educators. A few are described below:

Accessibility: The new ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014 Guide for addressing accessibility in standards is relevant for anything used by people - products, services and built environments. It gives accessibility terms and guidance on ensuring accessibility in the standards development process, along with descriptions of human abilities and characteristics and related design considerations.

> Download ISO/IEC Guide 71:2014 Guide to addresssing accessibility in standards (PDF)

Child safety: The new PD ISO/IEC Guide 50:2014 Safety aspects. Guidelines for child safety in standards and other specifications helps to identify and thus avoid hazards to children from products, whether or not they are intended for children to use. It covers the relationship between child development and behaviour and unintentional injury, describes hazards to which children might be exposed during their use of, or interaction with, a product, along with specific suggestions for addressing those hazards.

> Download PD ISO/IEC Guide 50: 2014 Safety aspects. Guidelines for child safety in standards and other specifications (PDF)


The full range of free Guides available on topics as diverse as sustainability and child safety can be downloaded from the ISO and IEC websites.

Guidance for Government representatives on BSI committees:

> Read Guidance for Government representatives on BSI committees (PDF, 287kb)

Guidance on working with a content developer

> Drafting a British Standard – Working with your content developer (PDF 673kb)